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5 Best Benefits of Getting a Chin Augmentation

Your chin is critical in defining your facial profile. You might not be happy with the nature of your chin or desire a stronger jawline. The Fort Worth cosmetic surgeon specialists got you covered through chin augmentation. You can enhance the appearance of your skin and improve how you look or feel about yourself. Therefore, you no longer have to endure a small, weak, or distorted chin. Chin augmentation can be combined with other procedures to achieve even facial contour and overall facial rejuvenation. The treatment has multiple benefits, and the top five are outlined below.

Natural Looking Results

One thing that every patient has from cosmetic procedures is natural results such that other people will only notice the improvements but cannot tell you have undergone a procedure. Fortunately, chin augmentation delivers results that speak for themselves. Depending on your chin augmentation type, your doctor tailors the treatment to fit your unique needs. Implants come in different sizes, shapes, and materials; your doctor will work with you to choose the right materials. Your provider can also examine your chin and overall facial structure to design a plan to deliver the most natural-looking results.

Long Lasting Results

Other treatments like injectable fillers can help improve the appearance of your chin but only last for a short period. You will need more treatments soon to maintain our results by spending more money. Fortunately, chin augmentation, especially using implants can help you achieve a prominent chin in the long term. The implants are made from silicon, making them long-lasting and eliminating the need to go back soon to your doctor for another treatment.

Minimal Scarring

Chin augmentation leaves behind minimal scars that are not easily seen. The incisions are made below the chin, making them less noticeable. However, you must ensure you work with qualified and experienced providers for natural results. Most medical professionals will discuss with you the preferred incision locations depending on the type of procedure you choose.

Faster Recovery

Healing for chin augmentation takes less time, and you do not need a long recovery period. You also do not need to undergo many troubles during the recovery. You will only need to stick to soft foods with less chewing when the incisions are made around your mouth. Stitches for incisions made under the chin will be out in a few days or weeks. Ensure you wait for the stitches to dissolve themselves. You will need to stick to light activities for a short time and return to your activities within a week.

Boosted Self Confidence

One of the main benefits of chin augmentation is boosted confidence and self-esteem. A weak or irregular chin can affect how you feel about yourself. Chin augmentation will create a prominent chin that is more defined, improving the overall appearance of your face. As mentioned earlier, the procedure can be combined with other treatments like a neck lift, facelift, rhinoplasty, and cheek implants to deliver more optimal results on your appearance. The results are a rejuvenated facial appearance which improves how you feel about yourself. It elevates our confidence, and we can express ourselves freely around other people.

Chin augmentation has vast benefits, and these are but a few. Contact the 817 Surgical Arts specialists today to learn more. Request a consultation appointment online or make a call today to get started.

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