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Does Legal Weed cause ”Munchies” ?

For all those who use Legal weed, they will know very well that the consequence of smoking this type of inflorescence causes a certain appetite.

The so-called “Munchies” is the typical epilogue one has when one finishes smoking legal marijuana.

This natural substance triggers a process within our body such that we get this kind of reaction.

Why, after the feeling of lightheadedness, is there a sense of appetite that is only alleviated by the ingestion of high-calorie snacks? Various hypotheses have arisen from various scientific studies around the world.

French researchers have found that the THC present in Legal weed, connects to a molecule located in olfactory neurons.

This amplifies odors and increases appetite.

Yale University scholars, on the other hand, have shown that the increased sense of appetite is due to the stimulation of a specific group of neurons.

The latter, in their regular course of function, inform the brain that satiety has been reached after a meal.

After legal cannabis intake, on the other hand, these receptors function in reverse.

There is also to be said that when legal marijuana is smoked, there is an increase in dopamine.

This causes an imbalance in the body that increases the pleasure centers; thus leading to a lowered sense of control.

In a state of euphoria like this, it is easy to seek fulfillment in anything, and food is one of them.

So why does Legal weed cause the Munchies ?

Recently, the journal Social Science Research Network dryly answered the question we have all asked ourselves at least once. That munchies are not just a feeling.

Legal weed actually causes a natural process within the body.

Nothing invasive or deleterious but simply a consequence due to inhaling an external substance.

The desire to devour anything is real, as is the munchies.

As the commerce of online cannabis and CBD Shop’s have increased, we have seen at the same time a significant increase in the sale of “junk food”.

The percentage of purchases of snacks, chips and sweets of various kinds range from 4 percent to 6.5 percent.

This is because buying pot online has become as easy as drinking a glass of water.

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