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Spokane slip & fall accident: Tips to maximize your settlement

Did you slip & fall on someone else’s property in Spokane? You could potentially seek financial compensation for your injuries and losses like lost wages. Premise liability cases have inherent complications. For instance, the property owner may claim that you were expected to know of the hazard that eventually led to the accident. The best step is to consult the lawyers of a known Spokane injury law firm. A skilled lawyer can explain your rights and take steps to protect your interests. In this post, we are sharing a few tips to maximize your settlement. 

  1. Get medical attention. Even if you believe that your injuries are not that severe, get medical attention. Keep up with the treatment and ensure that you have a file for all medical records, bills, and payments. The documentation will come in handy when you file an injury lawsuit for your slip & fall accident. 
  2. Inform the property owner. Always inform the property owner, or relevant authorities, about the accident. Make sure that you file a complaint in writing. You need a copy of that for your case. 
  3. Take photos. Taking proactive measures to protect your interests after a slip & fall accident is highly important. Take as many photos and videos of the accident scene as you can and consider taking pictures of your injuries. 
  4. Don’t deal with the insurance company directly. The insurance company will want to downplay your injuries, and you have to remember that these companies never really care for victims. Ensure that you let your attorney deal with the claims process, if and as applicable. 
  5. Find a good lawyer. Not all PI lawyers in Spokane specialize in slip & fall accident cases, and therefore, experience is a key factor. Ask the attorney if they have worked on cases that are similar to yours and get references. 

Finally, take action immediately. Washington’s statute of limitations sets a deadline of just three years for filing slip & fall accident lawsuits. Unless you take the measures and work on your legal strategy from day one, you may miss the chance. Talk to a lawyer who can offer a free evaluation of your case and give an unbiased overview of the circumstances. While no lawyer can promise a perfect amount in compensation, they can negotiate better and can even take the matter to court when needed. 

Websites like Nolo and Avvo can help you shortlist lawyers for your slip & fall accident. 

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