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Things to know about Leather Shoulder Holster

Leather Shoulder holster carrying is a historic gun-carrying method that is also widely employed by hunters today. The term “shoulders carry” indicates the position in which this pistol carrying technique is intended to be used: over the gunman’s shoulder.

Due to the obvious comfort, protection, and availability of the handgun, this weapon carry technique is now used by both civilians and police departments. A layperson wearing a bulletproof vest must obviously have a concealing clothing at all times, which may be difficult in certain carrying conditions. Forearm holsters come in both azimuth and elevation configurations as usual. This “arm pits” carry style is suitable for usage with the glock.

Shotguns with shorter barrels perform well in horizontally leather shoulder holsters, whereas those with longer barrels work well in vertically holsters. For bolt action rifles with lengthy barrels as well as a limited amount of effective gun carrying ways, the vertical form of shoulders carry is optimal and suggested.

Materials used for making Leather Shoulder Holster

Leather plus polyamide are the two most common materials used to make shoulders rigs. Although the polyester material is less expensive and may be suitable for usage in high humidity, the leather shoulder holster has a greater durability and is much more wearable.

Standard leather shoulder holster harnesses include a shoulder strap, collar, and balancing portion, which is really a useful option that enables the gunman to take additional magazines as well.

The contemporary shoulders rig includes all of the design characteristics found in leather shoulder holsters or other handgun carry methods, such as the structural layers, exposed or closed breech design, &, in many cases, the shoulders rig’s connection to the belts for security and safety.

The gravity of the pistol and cartridges is typically well balanced inside this leather shoulders holster, allowing for a rather pleasant carry. However, convenience is among the drawbacks of this bring technique that is frequently criticized.

Good method

Shoulder holster use style may be a good carry technique for snipers who spends the majority of their time seated, for someone whose shoulders are “busy” during outdoor activities so they’ll have all of that by reach, even for those involving heavy rifles. Several of the downsides of this method of weapon carry would be that drawing and using the weapon from either the “armpit” posture takes some kind of gunman’s practice.


Even as shooter draws the gun from the strong side, the pull is quicker. According on the gunman’s body type, endurance for the harnesses, as well as the effectiveness of the shoulders rig, certain shooters may find such carry technique unpleasant.

Finally, the actual selection of shoulders holsters is quite extensive. Leather Shoulder holsters are a traditional gun-carrying style with benefits and drawbacks. There’s many shooting who wear them constantly, as well as others may wear them only on special events.

The leather shoulder holster type of gun wear isn’t always a default option of gun carrying method, and the justifications aren’t that significant as much as the gunner benefits from it.

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