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What Are The Different Types Of Epoxy Tiles?

When it comes to flooring, the name of epoxy floor is trendy everywhere. Most people prefer epoxy floors because of the durability and flexibility that these titles offer. These are mainly used for the grounds, kitchen, and many more. In addition, these tiles are affordable for everyone because of their low prices, which has helped increase the sale of these tiles.

Epoxy tiles resistance is very high that is of wear and tear of the tiles. The shinning of the tiles are very bright, which make them more attractive to the customers. They also provide you with the tiles, and the company will also customize the design if any customer wants. The coating on the tiles is very high quality which makes them different from others.

Types of epoxy tiles

Self-leveling epoxy flooring is mainly used on the new, old, and cracked floors, giving them a new look. They make the floors so smooth and leveled them very well. It comes in different colors according to the use of the tiles, whether for home use, industrial use and Or other commercial uses.

You can use these tiles for the garage, showrooms, kitchens, and warehouse, etc. The uses of these tiles are very high and are available for so many uses.

Epoxy mortar flooring Is made of quartz sand and is fully solid epoxies and is mainly used for the places where there is chemical resistance, and there these tiles are the best for use. The material that is used in making the tiles are according to the chemical reactions.

You can use these tiles for the laboratory, mechanical garage, and manufacturing plants. Epoxy tiles provide you the tiles for every use you want.

Quartz-filled epoxy flooring is a tile used for high performance; this is mainly used for decoration and sanitation purposes because these tiles are slip-resistant. Because of these properties, epoxy is used in so many ways.

You can use these tiles for the bathrooms, locker rooms, lobbies, and near swimming pools because these tiles are not slippery, and you can use them at places where the chances of slippery floors are high.

Anti-static epoxy floor is used to reduce the static hazards which your industry can cause. And can cause very harmful to our environment. So these tiles are used to reduce that effect on the environment. So the industry can apply these tiles in their premises.

You can use these tiles in manufacturing plants, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and chemical plants because of the anti-static resistance used to make these tiles.

Epoxy flake floors are primarily used to reduce slips and fall because these are tiles made of slip-resistant material and come in so many different sizes, colors, and designs that make them more attractive.

You can use tiles in kitchens, restrooms, clinics, and sports venues because of the design and material suitable for this purpose. so because of the huge variety of the tiles the customers get attracted to the epoxy floors.

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