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3 Ways To Prepare Great Tasting Barbecue Sauce

I learned in one of my culinary experiences the introduction of vinegar to pork. It was surprising to discover how a well dressed up vinegar could enhance the flavour of barbecued pork. I got hold of this original recipe for vinegar sauce which I used in my pulled pork ricetta, and they perfectly complement each other. I just cut down on the salt, and it tasted pretty good!

I was surprised to learn that the sauce recipe has evolved such a long way from that original recipe. But I have made my own combination of ingredients that I am confident enough complements smoked swine perfectly and share it with family and friends.

Sweet and fruity

Two soda-spike barbecue sauces, one Coca-Cola-based and the other ginger ale capture a sweetness that hums more than burns. In the Coca-Cola-based sauce, the cola simmers with chopped scotch, chilli and chilli until it bubbles and thickens, forming the basis for reducing the fruity fire.

Sweet and spicy

Another favourite is this sweet, spicy barbecue sauce which is the perfect complement to pork, beef and chicken. It is the best homemade sauce for special occasions or even your daily sauce with just a hint of spice. I rarely use best to compliment, but this sauce tastes fantastic. It isn’t as sweet and spicier as other famous sauces; it is also thinner with a subtle vinegar taste. Use your creativity in adjusting the ingredients here and there until you perfect your homemade version of a first-class barbecue sauce you can be proud of.

Classic recipe

Cider vinegar, red pepper flakes, and ketchup are part of a classic sauce recipe known for its great taste when used with smoked meat. The vinegar-based sauce gives the food a spicy consistency, cuts through the fat and fills the stomach. The sauce is served as a side dish so everyone can decide how much they want to add.


Look at the varieties purchased in the store for a list of other barbecue sauces, then rank them from the worst to the best. Each famous BBQ sauce has a unique blend of texture and flavour that makes its fans come back every summer. You’d think that a passion for ketchup and barbecue sauce doesn’t begin with a secret sauce.

Do you have your favourite barbecue sauces you would want to share with all barbecue lovers out there? Feel free to share your recipe in the comment section below. 

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