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5 Benefits of Dental Implants

Lost teeth leave gaps in the mouth, making the other teeth move around, resulting in crookedness. Moreover, the gaps left by the teeth might look unsightly, reducing your smile’s appearance. However, you can receive dental implant solutions from West Hollywood Ultratooth to fix the gaps in your mouth. The dental implants use a titanium root resembling the natural tooth root resulting in jawbone stimulation. Thus it prevents bone loss around the jaw, which happens due to the lack of stimulation by the tooth root. Dental implants have these benefits.

The Dentures Look like The Other Teeth

The dentures might look like the other teeth on the arch and increase the chewing space, thus making it possible to eat regular food. Moreover, they are highly customizable, and you can create ones with the same color, shape, and size as the rest of the teeth. Other people might not know you have dental implants unless you tell them. Moreover, you will not notice the difference between the implants and the other teeth as you can eat normally and brush them like the rest.

They Last a Lifetime

The dentures are a lasting solution compared to dentures as they may last a lifetime. The upper crown of the dental implant is made of porcelain clay which is hard to discolor, chip, or break, while the roots are made of titanium which will integrate into the jawbone. The materials are bio-compatible with the gums and jawbone. They will not disintegrate or release toxins into your body which cause disease.

They Prevent Bone Loss

The teeth roots on the arch touch the jawbone stimulating the bone. The lack of teeth will create a space, and the lack of stimulation leads to bone loss. You may lose 25% of the bone within the first year after losing the teeth. The dentures may worsen bone loss as they lead to disintegrating of the bony ridge on the gum line. However, the dental implants replacing the lost teeth and its roots will stimulate the jawbone, reducing bone loss.

They Keep the Rest of the Teeth Stable

The teeth will move around in the mouth if there are gaps, crookedly shifting towards the gap. The shifting will affect your bite as the upper and lower teeth might not stay adjacent to each other. Moreover, the poor bite results in TMJ resulting in headaches and pain.

They Deal With Gum Disease

Gum disease might occur when you lose teeth, but dental implants will prevent the occurrence of gum disease. The crookedness leads to bacterial buildup, and dental implants reduce crookedness and deal with gum disease.

Dental implants are an ideal solution for lost teeth as they look like the rest of the teeth on the arch. The dental implants stimulate the jawbone, preventing bone loss, as the lost teeth leave an empty space, resulting in tooth loss. Dental implants can improve your nutrition and create a large chewing area. Moreover, they prevent the teeth on the arch from moving around, leading to crookedness. Crookedness might result in bacterial buildup leading to oral odors and gum disease.

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