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Discover tips on Thermoforming and Extrusion Molding

When we are talking about best practices in the process of manufacturing; we cannot ignore the benefits that come through the molding process. We shall confine ourselves with the thermoforming and extrusion molding in the process of plastic manufacturing. When companies invest in Custom Rotational Molding, they are going to achieve the best results.

Extrusion Molding

In this process, the long continuous shape of the plastic is produced. The extrusion process relies on ‘die’ in its process as against mold that is seen in other processes. The parts are made by squeezing raw materials in its hot state which passes through a custom die.

The melted plastic is passed directly through a melted die. In this process, what determines the shape of the final product is the die shape.

Takeaways from this process​

The machines involved are very simple and the same goes for the die. The combination of the two makes the cost involved in the process to be cheaper when compared to what happens with other processes.

If you want to manufacture a variety of products; then this process is not for you. The Rotational Molding Companies that desire to go into various products should not consider this mold because of its limited reach.

The parts that are made through this process consist of a fixed cross-sectional profile. The parts of the final product are not necessarily round but must have the same shape all through the parts of the mold. When companies get it right Rotomolded Plastic, their final products will meet all set standard requirements.


Now, let us discuss Thermoforming. This is the manufacturing process in which a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature. This then formed a shape in a mold. This shade is trimmed into a usable product. They are found in a wide number of uses. There are several molds and processes used to achieve the final result. The molds can be produced using inexpensive materials.

Takeaways from Thermoforming​

For the best results in Rotomolding; companies in the food and beverage sector and general retail industries can rely on this process. It will be easy to achieve the best results in a customized mold that will give the desired results. This process can be used in the manufacture of a vehicle door and dash panels, refrigerator liners, as well as utility vehicle beds.

The cost involved in this process is based on the size of the part that needs to be produced. When the mold is large; the cost that will be involved will rise. Those that want to use this process will endure a wait of 8 weeks to get the materials ready. The thermoformed mold will not be ready before that time frame.

Going by what we have seen of the two processes, it is now left for a company to choose the ideal process that will go all the way to measure up with the production needs of the company to achieve an excellent outcome.

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