Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Fortnite And The Rise Of Its Merchandise

Fortnite is a huge game. And by huge, we mean it is a classic game for about 250 million people who play it. According to Epic Games, Fortnite got a whopping 45 million subscribers in just months since the company released it. The impacts of having a multiplayer game that offers so many modes for you to enjoy and go into gives people so many premiums.

The low barrier to entry helped a lot, referring to how players can access the game using different devices. They can play it with their computer desktops, or their gaming consoles, or their phones. It appeals to many people and their age, considering that not everyone gets a phone when they are 13 years old, which is the game’s minimum age requirement.

Since not everyone can have all three, it was a strategic point for Fortnite to capitalize on providing a cross-gameplay feature in its gameplay. But even if many players have not played Fortnite, viewer analytics on online streaming channels suggest that so many people watch videos around the topic. And you would expect that the number is either an exact 250 million or less. But no, the number doubles and triples per quarterly assessment.

Fortnite is a free multiplayer game, allowing so many people to get it. The game gets its profits from in-game transactions, like when players buy V-bucks (the currency in the game) to buy some premiums in the game’s marketplace.

But also, the game offers merchandise, and a player can buy off from the game, say a Fortnite Phone Case or clothes. These micro transactions help the company continue operate. And the game is so actively welcomed and big that it holds updates almost every week, further pleasing its users.

The most important thing to get from Fortnite that many games are actually adopting recently is the fact that it’s a user-centric game. This user-centric feature means that the game heavily listens to its users and gives them an active allowance to further enjoy the game.

From allowing a 20-minute game (sometimes 30 minutes, depending on the game’s intensity), Fortnite added other features that stray away from its conventional and main feature which is a multiplayer survival game. It adds different modes to spice up the game. It adds things like extensive customizations to make it far appealing for its users. They are gradual changes, but the fact that the game continues to give says a lot about their user fan base.

And it translates to their wide variety of merchandise. So many clothing companies are incorporating the game to their brand products, seeing as how many users can easily connect when they see a Fortnite symbol in their shirt in a public space. Fortnite’s impact exceeded many games before it, and it extends to other industries like the fashion industry. Any moment now and you will see more success for the game, as long as they continue to pull it off to the mases and the potential user base.

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