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how to get weed in dc- Delivered to Your Home

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In the era of online shopping, weed is becoming more and more accessible for anyone with an internet connection, in fact, with so many shopping sites now offering home delivery services for almost any product, it’s easier than ever to get weed delivered to your house, with that being said, there are a few things you should know before signing up with any home delivery service that offers cannabis products.


What is weed delivery?


All dispensaries, growers, and other licensed businesses will only ship products to an individual’s collector’s address- these addresses are typically businesses that are licensed as collectors; when a marijuana product is sent to a consumer’s collector’s address, they are legally allowed to receive the items.


On how to get weed in dc, some dispensaries offer home delivery, while others may offer a shipping service; some states only allow for home delivery, while others only allow for shipping- home delivery is when the marijuana is delivered to the consumer’s residence, another way to get weed delivered is through an in-store pickup- in-store delivery services are usually for businesses, who will drive their product to your house and pick it up.


How much does delivery cost?


Delivery costs vary from state to state and dispensary to dispensary, in general, they vary between $50 and $400 and there are also different types of marijuana delivery, if you get home delivery, you’ll pay a delivery fee or if you pick up your weed in-store, the cost will depend on what you purchase as there are also other fees that may apply, such as a state tax, if you choose an online delivery service, then the cost will vary between dispensaries but is usually between $30 and $80.


Types of weed delivery services


  • Collaborative Model: This is the most common delivery model, where a dispensary/grower team up with a third-party delivery service, the delivery service then reaches out to the consumer and arranges a time for delivery, the service then drops off the product at the consumer’s doorstep. 
  • Storefront Model: This is the most common model for dispensaries, where a storefront holds a delivery service- these services are usually on-demand, meaning you can order at any time from your phone. 
  • Direct-to-Consumer Model: This is a new delivery model that is just beginning to be used by some dispensaries, in this model, consumers order directly from the dispensary’s website and the product is shipped right to their house.


Things to look for when selecting a cannabis delivery service


  • The quality of the service: Choose a delivery service that has a great reputation and is well-managed, the best cannabis delivery services are those that have been in the business for a while and are known for quality service. 
  • The price: Although you may get a better price from one dispensary over another, you still want to make sure the service is reputable and of high quality. 
  • The service’s product offerings: Make sure you choose a cannabis delivery service that offers a variety of strains and products; for example, if you like edibles, you’ll want to make sure the delivery service offers different options. 
  • The speed at which you get your order: The speed of your delivery makes a difference, it’s annoying when you order something and have to wait an hour before it arrives, so, make sure the delivery service you choose is fast.

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