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Food truck weddings are one of the most common trends these days. If you are looking towards having a classy and matchless wedding style, hiring the services of a taco food truck will not be a bad idea. You would leave your guests in awe all through the event. From sources who have given it a try, they said it was an exciting experience. However, there were little problems they faced which you have the opportunity to learn from their experience.

Some locations for the event do not permit their clients to bring in outside caterers. They insist that the caterers of the venue are hired for any event that takes place in that venue. Some other venues have a list of caterers that the clients can pick from. So these clients are not allowed to bring in caterers from outside. Some may allow outside caterers but would not grant access to the kitchen facilities.

There is the city factor where you have to be sure if that form of catering is accepted in your city. Some venues may refuse to have the food trucks on their premises. You should find out the policy of the venue and that of your state as regards food trucks.


Consider the size of the trucks. Take note of the doors and how big it is. Sometimes the trucks can be so deceiving and look smaller than they are. Ensure that the road to the venue is accessible by the truck. Then also check out where they will be parked and how safe it is. For the truck to get to the venue, then the parking slot should not be an issue.

However, if the parking lot turns out smaller at the venue, there would be a need to create space. You need to also consider how much space you have left for all your guests. You do not want them trekking miles away from their cars to your wedding. It can be frustrating. Ensure there is good spacing and the generator of this truck is not going to disturb your guests.


Ensure you take time to account for every of your guests. Note that if you are likely to have over one hundred guests at your party, there will be a need to hire an extra truck. There would be queues and to make things faster. Having an extra truck would save the last person from standing for long hours.


To assist your guests in making fast decisions on what they would like to have, you can just reduce the menu options. You do not need to get over extra about it. Let the menu be specific. If people are provided with about four to five options on the menu, it saves time deciding. They get to browse through and make their decisions in no time. Having a short menu also helps staff in the truck to run the orders on time.

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