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Solutions Recovery Center: Helping Recovering Addicts

Alcohol addiction, substance abuse, smoking addiction, and the use of pain meds are becoming common. With mankind and humanity at its low and increase in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc people often find refuge in drugs and alcohol. Down on self-confidence, addicts tend to avoid facing the reality and would rather run away from their problems by taking help of drugs and alcohol. Families loved ones, everyone suffers when one becomes an addict. Then there comes a stage in the addict’s life where the addict is drowning and desperately needs help and need someone to throw a lifeboat towards them. This is where Solutions Recovery Centres come in.

Why Solution Recovery Center?

A Solutions recovery center is a place that offers addicts/ sufferers of substance abuse an intensive treatment program. Solutions recovery center recognizes alcoholism and drug addiction as a primary issue. Solutions recovery aims to offer the highest quality treatment for both addicts and alcoholics. They offer various treatment programs that are tailor-made and better suited to their guests (addicts). The focus is to offer individualized programs to every guest who enrols themselves at a solutions recovery center. Solutions recovery centers also provide faith-based recovery programs and confidence recovery programs. At Solutions recovery center, treatment programs are custom designed as per the needs and the situation of the patient. The goal of any solutions recovery center is to help addicts build recovery strategies that would be used by them when they go back to their homes. Each guest is matched up based on their needs with the therapist and a counselor. The treatment techniques include therapeutic group sessions, therapy sessions, exercise, relaxation, holistic meditation, etc. Solutions recovery center also offers a break-free program where they send a coordinator back home with the patient to help them restore with their families and with their community, ensuring that the addict does not fall into relapse.

Various Treatment Programs at Solutions Treatment Centre:

  1. Medical Detox: It’s the process of removal of toxic substances from one’s body, it is usually the first step in drug or alcohol rehab. It also involves supervising addicts throughout the process and introducing medical interventions as needed to minimize withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Pet-Friendly Treatment: Pets like dogs and cats are used to provide some light relief. It acts as a reward for the addict it encourages them to be more responsible.
  3. Dual Diagnosis treatment: It simply means co-occurrence of substance use disorder and mental disorder, for example, drug addiction and depression. Treatment of such addicts is very complex and hence integrated programs with psychological therapy, meditation, medical detox, etc are adopted.
  4. Individual Therapy: This describes personal therapy, in which a patient and an experienced and trained counselor, psychologist social worker, or psychiatrist meets secretely with his patient to discuss challenges related to different aspects like, lifestyle of the patient, his work, family, and romantic relationships that may have led to the forming of an addiction.

Solutions Recovery Centres with its personalized treatment plans are hence making huge leaps in terms of treatment and taking care of recovering addicts.

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