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The Latest Trends For A Perfect Wedding

Doing research when planning a wedding means finding out what are the new wedding trends. Every wedding is personal, and every wedding suits someone who wants to do something different.

Every year, the editors of The Knot compile a list of wedding trends we predict for the coming year. The list includes everything from colour palettes, cake trends and floral inspirations to the excitement of a wedding. We have everything from hot wedding trends 2021, cakes designs, wedding decor trends, wedding dresses, catering matrimonio and more to guide you through planning the perfect wedding day.

Commitment to Zero Waste

One of the latest wedding trends is a commitment to zero waste. From flowers to food, couples are finding ways to reduce their environmental impact on their special day. From brides opting for preloved dresses to restaurants sourcing local produce, donations to charity as a wedding gift are becoming increasingly popular. Other ways couples can achieve this wedding trend include swapping plastic straws for paper straws, sharing wedding flowers with other couples, and using a venue that offers newly planted trees as wedding gifts.

DIY weddings

As couples display their own personality and taste, we predict an increase in creative and unique weddings. DIY weddings in 2021 are the new trend.

Some couples will opt for atypical places. Outdoor couples can opt for a treehouse, a glamping site, a good old-fashioned summer camp or an adventurous wedding location.

Hexagon wedding bows are real eye-catchers and the perfect photoshoot spot. Wedding arches can be used as a background for the newlyweds to attract the attention of their guests.

Coloured smoke bombs are one of the 2021 wedding trends, which can be used for wedding photos and as an alternative to pigeons and balloons during the ceremony. One of the newest wedding trends is the change from fresh flowers and plants to greenery.

Hollywood glamour

Thanks to some celebrities, the trend of the long veil has conquered weddings and brings a bit of Hollywood glamour into the wedding day. Cake has become the new poster child for weddings with the rise of painted cakes, and it looks couples want their wedding desserts to resemble a work of art.


There is no question that wedding trends for 2021 will be influenced by the coronavirus of the year. Postponing weddings for a time when we are not trapped in our homes and unable to hug those we love will profoundly affect the way we celebrate.

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