Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

The Many Benefits Of Working With An Independent Small Business Insurance Agent

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. In addition to running your business, you also have to worry about things like taxes, payroll, and, of course, insurance. When it comes to insurance, you have a few different options. You can work with a captive agent, who only sells policies from top small business insurance companies, or you can work with an independent agent, who represents multiple companies. Here are seven reasons why you should consider working with an independent small business insurance agent.

1. More Choice

When you work with an independent agent, you have a lot more insurance options to choose from. Captive agents can only sell policies from the one company they represent, which means you could be missing out on better coverage or cheaper rates. An independent agent will shop around and find the best policy for your needs at the best price.

2. More Knowledge

Independent small business insurance agents have experience working with businesses like yours. They know the ins and outs of commercial insurance and can help you find the right coverage for your business. Captive agents, on the other hand, are often generalists who don’t have as much specific knowledge about commercial insurance.

3. Personalized Service

Because they aren’t tied to any one company, independent agents are able to provide more personalized service. They’ll get to know you and your business so that they can find the right insurer and policy for your individual needs. Captive agents usually don’t develop this type of personal relationship with their clients because they’re focused on selling one company’s products.

4. Better Claims Handling

If you ever need to file a claim, it’s important to have an advocate in your corner who knows how to navigate the claims process—and that’s exactly what you’ll get with an independent agent. Because they work with multiple companies, they know the ins and outs of the claims process and will fight to get you the settlement you deserve.

5. Greater Negotiating Power

Independent agents also have greater negotiating power when it comes to getting you discounts or finding creative solutions to problems like gaps in coverage. That’s because they’re not beholden to any one company; if one insurer won’t budge on price or coverage, they can simply look elsewhere for a better option.

6. Access To Specialized Programs

Another benefit of working with an independent agent is that they often have access to specialized programs that can save you money on things like workers’ compensation or property insurance. Because they work with multiple companies, they’re privy to a wide range of programs and discountssomething that captive agents simply don’t have access to.

7. Additional Services

In addition to helping you find the right insurance policy for your small business, many independent agents offer additional services like risk management consultation or claims assistance. This added value can be extremely helpfulespecially for busy small business owners who don’t have time to handle everything themselves.


As a small business owner, it’s important that you find an insurance solution that meets your unique needsand working with an independent small business insurance agent is a great way to do that. From more choice and better prices to added value services, there are plenty of reasons why working with an independent agent is advantageous over working with a captive agent from just one company.

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