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Types of Magic mushrooms products you can purchase online

The most available mushrooms are psilocybin, although they are not the only ones. There is a psilocybin mushroom strain called golden teacher mushroom, which is among the best-selling and has multiple psychological and health benefits. Various stores sell magic mushrooms in different edible forms. For instance, you can purchase mushroom gummies and chocolates, and each of them has different micro and macro dosing regimens. The following are other magic mushrooms products that you can buy online from the comfort of your house;

Golden teacher Dried magic mushroom.

Many cultivators and psychonaut like it because they do well in flashes, and the psychedelic journey is a little bit profound. The product contains psilocybin and psilocin as active elements that give users a profound psychedelic experience. Some online stores have it in dried form since it is easier to store and can last longer as it cannot spoil.

Penis envy dried magic mushrooms.

It is the psilocybin cubensis strain that is notorious since it is the most psychotropic among all available magic mushroom products. Its strange name is due to its distinct phallic shape. Apart from its terminology and appearance, many people prefer using it due to its effects.

Magic mushroom gummies

Most magic mushroom beginners who want an easy delivery mechanism prefer buying these gummies. You can take them and experience psychedelic effects, although you have two advantages;

  • The dosage in every gummy is consistent and known. Therefore, you are not afraid of overdosing.
  • The gummies do not taste like mushrooms since some people do not like the taste.

Magic Mushroom Chocolates

Many people prefer buying magic mushroom chocolates because of their excellent taste and yield all magic mushrooms’ benefits. They have controlled and a standard amount of psilocybin cubensis, ensuring there is no overdosing chance provided you follow all instructions on the package.

Magic Mushrooms tinctures

There are a few single companies that make magic mushroom tinctures. The product is unstable; that is why many companies cannot produce it. The product needs to go through analytical chemistry and rigorous testing to be engineered and offered to the buyers.

Micro dosing and related products

Micro dosing has increased over the years among brain hackers. Individuals who wish to improve the mental health and transform their mood usually use micro-dosing to experience mental benefits without psychoactive effects.

Micro dosing amounts differ from one person to the other. In most cases, the amount you take is a sub-perceptual level proportional to your weight and height. But the standard ranges from 0.08-0.125 grams of dried fruits.

 Experts state that you should begin with taking a low dose and slowly increase until you get to what works best for you. However, many users take higher amounts to find what works best for them; they start reducing to get a sweet spot.

It is difficult for you to weigh dried mushrooms correctly since the concentration of psilocybin varies in stems and caps. Therefore, it is advisable to buy mushrooms online in desired packages and reduce the hassle associated with weighing them manually.

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