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What Are The Benefits When You sell cracked iphone

If you want to sell your damaged smartphone and are interested in doing so, you might consider using the Recell. After returning your shattered iPhone to our warehouse, we’ll pay you within three business days. Our warehouse will handle your payment promptly after receiving your damaged iPhone. You may accept it by PayPal, a wire transfer, or a cheque within three business days of receiving payment.

Data Erasure Removes Sensitive Data From Your Mobile Device


Data erasure is a procedure that may be used to remove any sensitive data from your mobile device, such as a smartphone. To fully clear all of the data from a device, it is necessary to use either software or hardware. However, the process may be carried out utilizing various approaches and techniques.

When you sell cracked iphone to Recell, we employ a procedure called data erasure to delete any private data stored on the device. This ensures that your personal information is kept secure. We take these measures to dispose of it appropriately and avoid putting any sensitive information into the hands of a third party that might be negligent with it (like identity thieves).

The Convenience Of Having Free Delivery Available

When you use Recell, you won’t have to be concerned about the shipping price. We provide free shipment to all our customers and are happy to make arrangements for a pick-up at the most convenient time. Thus, we may take your phone at any time, and you can even bring your damaged iPhone to us in person to have it mended!

Your Gadget’s Price Estimate Lasts 30 Days


You may sell your damaged, scratched, or cracked iPhone using Recell, which is the best and quickest method. You will be required to provide your device’s manufacturer, model, and operating system throughout the registration process on this website (e.g., iPhone 5S in good condition). You can accomplish this by using either the website or their mobile app, which is available for devices running iOS.

If you go with the second choice, you will be able to save time since all of your information will be pre-filled at the same time, and you will not have to enter it again at a later point. Once you have completed this step, a price estimate will immediately display on the screen, derived from information on prior purchases made in your region.

The next thing you need to do is submit a photo or pictures showing precisely what it is on your phone that needs to be repaired. Whether it be merely superficial damage (scratches) or inside components that have been destroyed due to water damage etc. Once this step has also been completed, our specialists will get in touch with you within the next 15 minutes to provide you with a deal.



There’s a device called the Recell that you may use to get the most money for your broken smartphone. The process of data erasure may be used to delete private information from a smartphone or other mobile device. Data erasure will be used to remove all of your personal information from your shattered iPhone. Your privacy will be protected in this way. You may forget about shipping costs altogether when you utilize this.

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